We are Jaunita, Alan and Nicholas MacLeod and we are located off the eastern Canadian coast on beautiful Prince Edward Island. We are now situated on 25 acres of land where our dogs thrive with nature . We have been involved with the sport of dog showing for almost 15 years. Our canine show family started with the Irish Wolfhounds.
      We have now added Papillons to our happy family under the prefix “FANTASY”.  Alan has always been the one to show the hounds. I being a bit ”fluffy”, could never  keep up to that long stride. Over the years I had always wanted to add a toy breed for myself to show. With the kids being small and busy, it was not a possibility in the early years. Now with our daughter gone and Nicholas grown  I have the time I need to devote to this beautiful  breed.

     With the papillons, my  goal will always be quality not quantity and to improve the breed with each new generation and consequently each breeding is carefully planned with this ideal in mind. We also feel it is extremely important to maintain the true Papillon type. My  love of this breed and commitment to its well-being will help me to produce the quality conformation and outstanding  temperaments of these beautiful butterflies.  Whether you are looking for a pet puppy or a puppy to show , you are always welcome to inquire.

     With my years in breeding and showing the Irish Wolfhounds , I have went from group placements to Best Puppy In Show, to top 5 in Canada  to Best in Show. I have learned a lot and will use all my knowledge to produce top quality papillons. Our dogs are home kept and raised, allowing  us to form and maintain a close bond with each and every one.

      We welcome guests and inquiries anytime and are always willing to help out with any information or questions you may have. We constantly love, handle and nurture each dog, We guarantee them to be healthy and sound. Pra, patellas and hearts are checked on all breeding stock .

      Watch for Fantasy papillons as we shoot for the top. Our aim with the papillons will also bequality healthy happy  Best in Show winners.

Warm Wishes From